Colleen Brown, Career Coach and SLUUR Co-Host London, England

Colleen is a dynamic, inspirational and professional motivational leader, a Green LEEF colleague and program director of WE FIRST (Women’s Empowerment First) in 2015. She has 15 years’ experience in the field of Personal Learning & Development profession.

Colleen holds a BSc. (Hons) in Media & Society, and numerous professional certificates in NLP, Coaching, Civic Leadership and Project Management.    She provides tailored training solutions to both public and private sector organizations with key focus on workforce development and staff training.   Past clients include various ambassadors and executives in London and surrounding UK.

Colleen has extensive expertise in women’s health and fitness and in the arts and entertainment industry.  In 2014, she produced the critically acclaimed play “Pumpkin Soup for the Soul” and “It’s On”, a short film screened at the BANG Film Festival in London.   She enjoys travel and world cuisine and is currently working with youth while serving a four-year term as an appointed School Governor for an elementary school in London.


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