Sonja Brooks, Founder

Sonja Brooks is an inspiring multi-talented visionary and change maker with several years of experience in training and consulting in business, real estate, finance and in marketing.

She has assisted several hundred individuals over the years in pursuing their dream, from creative arts to enterprise.  She has received merits and recognitions for her work and continues to motivate others to break through barriers and pursue their dreams.

Sonja studied film, T.V. and radio production and received her Bachelor or Arts in Media and Public Relations and has a Marketing Certificate from Berkeley.  She has studied and worked extensively in the field of real estate including building and structural codes and more recently gain interest in public policy and local issues that impact women and businesses as well as  matters that pertain to international  trade and fair wage.

Sonja is a self-published poet, artist, writer and advocate of women and fair wages.  She enjoys the arts, traveling, humor, music and salsa dancing.

Sonja has served organizations in providing strategic consulting and currently sits on a local board and chairs an economic committee in Oakland, CA where she continues to provide workshops on topics critical for personal growth and business success and is working on a book.

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